Stephan Brisard

Sr. Data Driven Marketing Executive

Stephan Brisard

Sr. Data Driven Marketing Executive

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Deploying an effective Demand Generation machine through Marketing Automation


Stephan Brisard - 09/07/2018

At my current company ESET LLC., we’ve been deploying over the past several months a powerful demand generation machine bringing measurable results in terms of e-commerce transactions and qualified Sales leads. Using Eloqua from Oracle, we’ve been personally targeting prospects and future buyers at the place and time during the buying cycle. Our campaigns have been more targeted using active segments and cross-channel marketing that automates and customizes content.

Reaching the right decision maker

Our own research along with coverage available in Forbes, Forrester, Marketing Sherpa and others indicate that businesses are getting more savvy with refining their preferences and 70% of buyers already have done thorough research prior to engaging with a vendor. We have joined the world of intelligent marketing driven by a data approach where each communication is orchestrated precisely and with the right content in mind. In the past marketers used to send “email blast communications” but today we’re using machine learning and personalization to better communicate with our audience.

Nurturing based on behaviors

We have finally cracked the code when it comes to determining where people are in the buying process by collecting and continuously analyzing their behaviors on our web properties. We try to understand everything from a click on a link, to the download of an asset or recurring visits to certain product web pages. This allows to visualize the buying journey or parts of it to determine readiness to buy and develop high value web content and nurturing campaigns that make sense.

Personalizing Content towards personas

As we seek to deliver the right message at the right time, we also strive at finding better ways to personalize content to suit various personas. We have truly segmented our Eloqua database to automate messages, leads types and send signals that allow us to cleanse and enhance data regularly.

I am excited to be part of a revolution which is currently dramatically changing the marketing landscape by creating compelling offers, visuals copy and automations that guide conversations and bring modern marketers together at the crossroad of art and science.

Check out my recent interview with Oracle which highlights some of the points I am referring above at

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